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Partypalooza: Mad Max Masquerade Raises Roof for Roots

If you’re looking for a fun party in Redmond, WA, home city of Microsoft, then Susan James is the person you want to see. James is the organizer of PartyPaloozaNW, which holds costume parties three to four times a year. Each event has an entertaining theme. When James took Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program […]

Make it Spicy

The flood that took place in Mexico’s Tabasco state in November of 2007 didn’t attract that much worldwide notice, but to those living in the affected areas, it was devastating. 80% of the state was underwater at one point, and over a million people were impacted. Jamie Owsley has used his project in Landmark’s Self-Expression […]

Pedal for Pads

Jeanne Thompson resolved to use her Self-Expression and Leadership program to raise money for an organization that reconnects homeless people to their community. In so doing, she created the Pedal for Pads Bikeathon and raised about $10,000 for an extremely worthy organization. The Daily Herald of Suburban Chicago wrote a story about the July 12 […]